Caring for your Gommagomma lounge suite

A new lounge suite can be a major investment for many families. If that is true of your family, you may be worried that no upholstery will stand up to the tornado that is your son or daughter. Never fear! Here are some tips that will guide you :


South Africa's climate can be harsh. Even indirect strong light can cause fabrics to fade and perish.

We recommend that you move your chairs and settees around the room from time to time to reduce exposure to sunlight.


If your cushions are fibre filled, restore the original shape by flipping and "puffing out" the cushions and pillows regularly. Furniture with a high fabric pile can become flattened in pressure areas such as the armrests.

After a while you will notice the foam in the seat cushions will soften by at least 20% of its original hardness enjoy the comfort of furniture that is now "worn-in".

Keep it clean

Dust settles on lounge furniture just as it settles on cabinet furniture.
  • Dust your furniture using a vacuum cleaner or feather duster at least once a week.
  • Remove stains using a damp white cloth.
  • If a spill or a stain won't come out consult an upholstery specialist.
  • Show-wood surfaces require no polishes or sprays, simply wipe them with a clean, damp cloth.

Avoid sharp objects

Be careful not to snag threads with sharp objects. However, if one of the loops has broken do not pull it further: cut it off as short as possible.

Sit properly

Sitting on the arms of settees and chairs should be discouraged as it puts unnecessary strain on them and can cause premature wear and distortion of the padding and fabric.


When moving your furniture DO NOT lift at the arms or flaps, always lift it at the corners of the base. When transporting furniture wrap each piece in a blanket or similar material and tie down firmly but not over tight. Place a piece of protective cardboard between the rope or webbing and the blanket to prevent damage.

Take care not to store furniture stacked on the cushions or arm rests as this will compress the foam or fibre filling. Your furniture is best packed upright, resting on the base. Cover your furniture with a dust cover if you plan to store it for a lengthy period.

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