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The eye is a muscle and likes to be worked. To avoid a boring living room, give your eyes something to do. But don't go overboard in most living rooms, one main focal point is enough.

Rethink your furniture arrangement

The living room is where you spend time with your family, watch your favorite TV shows and entertain guests. For this reason, this part of the house needs to provide comfort and a relaxing ambiance. You can achieve this by properly arranging the furniture.

The first thing to consider is how wide the space is.
  • A smaller room will need only a single couch, a few chairs and some end tables.
  • If you have a larger living room, you will need a bigger sofa, coffee tables and extra chairs.
Another thing to consider is the flow of traffic.
  • Arrange the furniture in such a way as to allow smooth foot traffic.
  • Furthermore, the pieces should be not too far so that you can encourage conversation among the occupants.
  • While arranging the furniture, the larger pieces should be placed in the room first. This can make your task easier and faster.
  • Pull your furniture away from the walls to create a more dynamic arrangement. If you have the room, placing a long narrow table behind your couch can help avoid that "floating" feeling.
  • Notice the path from the door to each seat in the room. Is it a straight shot, or do you need to swerve around furniture? Aim to have a gently flowing path to each seat.

Feeling the crunch in a small space

It may seem counterintuitive, but if you have a very small room it can actually seem larger when filled up with big, comfortable furniture. The key is to seek out pieces that fill the space without overwhelming it. An L-shape couch works particularly well in tiny rooms, and a straight-backed armchair feels substantial without taking up too much floor space.

Use symmetry

Adding a few symmetrical elements is a classic decorator fix. Pairs of matching lamps, vases or stools, or two sofas facing each other work well. Just be aware that too much symmetry can feel stiff, so set that last chair a bit askew or create an asymmetrical arrangement on your mantel to loosen things up.


It's not necessary to only purchase dark upholstery items while raising kids. You can have white furniture if that's what you desire.

Go bold! Living in a home with children gives you a perfect excuse to choose colour. In studies, yellow has been shown to make both children and adults feel happier.

Adding floor cushions to your living room will not only give little ones a soft place to land, they can pack a punch. Choose cushions in bright colours and graphic patterns and instantly inject fun into an otherwise neutral space.

Choose occasional furniture carefully. The rounded corners are more kid friendly than a sharp edge would be. Or perhaps nix the traditional coffee table and select a pair of cushioned ottomans to tie your space together.

Including some of your children's artwork with some of your favourite art pieces with give your home life and personality. Plus, it will bring a bright smile to the face of anyone who visits.

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